Custom Face Masks
Custom Face Masks
Custom Face Masks
Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Masks

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You can now get your fur baby’s (babies’) face(s) on your very own mask!


$50.00 for 4 masks (can only order in multiples of 4). Shipping is extra. Perfect for gifts, or a mask for each member of your family, or a mask for each day of the work week.

What you get:

4 masks with the same pattern on each. Your masks will include up to FOUR different pup pictures. Masks are two layered, 100% cotton.

How long will it take:

It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to ship. Due to Covid, this time may be extended. Length of time reflects time it takes to print fabric, make the actual mask and ship.

Here’s how to order:                              

  1. Choose a background colour from the choices provided.
  2. Choose TWO graphics.
  3. Choose up to 4 different pup pictures. Make sure that your pup’s face is clear and visible.                   
  4. Email your background colour choice, chosen graphics, and pictures to
  5. Once the pattern has been created, you will be provided with a sample to preview prior to printing.



Our fabric face masks are designed for consumer, non-medical purposes only. They are not designed to be, or replace any medical-grade PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).