Fetching Bow Ties by Larry

Made with love by Lisa. ❤️
Products tested and approved by Larry. 

The Beginning...

Baby Larry

In December 2017, we brought home our sweet, little 8 week old boy Larry. He was truly the cutest thing we had ever seen, and immediately I wanted to dress him up in bow ties. He was made for bow ties, and I was going to make them for him and every other pup out there! By January 2018, I had taught myself to sew, and Fetching Bow Ties by Larry began.

Larry & His First Bow Tie

At Fetching, we (Larry and I) offer hundreds of affordable bow tie patterns and styles to choose from to suit your pup's every mood, and every occasion. In addition to bow ties, we also make hair bows for your fashionista pups. Last year we released our Fetching Formal line which features tuxedos, jewelled neckbands, ribbon bow ties, and so much more.

St. Patrick’s Day Bow Ties

St. Patrick’s Day

The Hockey Collection

The Hockey Collection

Little Miss Molly